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Indra / ˈɪndrə / noun

God of lightning in Indian Mythology
Building an ecosystem of Lightning-fast Crypto products.

Our Mission

Indra Capital’s mission is to build an integrated experience across it’s products to help users move from Fiat to Crypto to Staking, Lending, Trading or Voting, effortlessly, within minutes.

Problem Statement

Spot trading / staking

  • Difficult to move from flat to crypto to Staking/Voting easily.
  • Needs multiple platforms *or* wallets. Disjointed experience.
  • DEX issues – Expensive, Complex, Prone to error.

Derivatives trading

  • Difficult UX
  • Lack of Liquidity provider options
  • Poor performance esp with L1 DEXes
  • Fragmented collateral, Custodial, Centralized
  • Lack of passive income strategies



Cross-chain decentralized spot, futures and options trading platform + high-performance Stablecoin vault extracting maximum yield from futures markets.


Centralized exchange (CEX) supporting fiat-crypto onramps, spot trading, borrow/lend markets, AMMs and NFT markets.

Staking-as-a-service provider. Support for XTZ, MATIC, ONE and Mina + Liquidity Staking. $9 million delegated and rising.


Telegram chatbot that is fully integrated with IndraX, IndraDEX, and the rest of the De-Fi ecosystem.


Airavat Token Utility

The token can be used for:

IndraX trading and
withdrawal fee

IndraDEX trading and
withdrawal fee

IndraX / IndraDEX listing fees

Staking for IndraDEX vault
maintenance fee waiver

Staking for lower fee

Collateral on Lend/Borrow

Token burn schedule: 20% of net operating profits will be allocated to token repurchase and burn

Schedule begins: On first profitable quarter. Schedule ends: When 50% of coins are burnt

Max supply: 1B tokens. Additional token issuance possible if we are under the Max supply.

Token Allocation

The initial allocation of the Airavat token will be as follows:

Public Token Sale – 2%

Institutional investors / Private sale – 23%

Team – 22%

Reserve – 20%

Airdrops, Bounties, Incentivized programs – 15%

Partners / Ecosystem – 15%

Advisors – 3%

Funds Allocation

The funds raised will be allocated to the following functions :

Product Development


Legal and Accounting


Indra Treasury

Research & Development


Gautam Sampathkumar

Founder / CEO

Silicon Valley and Crypto veteran with 20+ years of Engineering and Leadership experience

Abraham Elmahrek

Advisor, Technology

Crypto and Big Data Veteran. Build first mobile DEX, Mobidex. Cloudera experience

Delroy Bosco

Advisor,Governance / Platform

Polygon Network (previously MATIC) Lead, Decentralization & Governance

Murad Mordukhay

Advisor, Strategy

Founder / CEO Qencode, Kode Network : Video transcoding on the blockchain

Strong Engineering, Product Management, Operations and Marketing / Design teams

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